Product Designer

  • Oakland, United States

Product Designer

Job description

In cities across the world many people from the middle class are struggling to find a great place to live at a price they can afford. Often they find themselves needing to make significant compromises on location, quality, price, or have to give up on the idea of living in the city all together. This is where oWow comes in.


We are building apartments that feature 4 bedrooms of efficient space design (e.g no hallways, kitchen combined with the living-room) and will utilize every inch. With 4 people sharing one apartment, we are able to provide up to 50% lower price per person in comparison to the current market rent.


The key to making our macro units model work and to leasing up our new buildings is building software that will incorporate roommate matching services to potential tenants that will then sign one lease together.


Today finding a place to live or finding roommates is a long and painful process. Instead, we want to make it fun and simple to help people find the perfect people to live with, get to live in a great apartment, and save a lot of money every month.




  • Design flows, prototypes, sketches, and high-fidelity visuals

  • Talk to users to identify their core problems and needs and translate these into product.

  • Identify high-impact opportunities, design features in pursuit of goals, and explain the rationale for your decisions.

  • Collaborate with engineering and leasing (property management) teams to define features and get feedback and critique. Design tests to evaluate the impact of your work.



  • A portfolio demonstrating relevant design capabilities is required. Applications without portfolios will not be reviewed.
  • Ability to think at a high level about a complex, social product, and to clearly explain reasons for new features and changes.

  • Demonstrated visual design skill, especially in the construction of visual hierarchies, and attention to detail on typography, spacing, and color.

  • Interest in using data and user research to inform design decisions. Experience with effective A/B testing.