Development Manager

Job description

oWOW Development

“Development Manager”

Position Overview:

For the Development Manager role we look for a creative, organized, and well communicative individual who displays a general understanding of the acquisition, entitlement, architecture, and construction processes. This individual will be running a project fully, up to 4 at a time, who’s overall responsibility is the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, and completion of entitlements, permitting and construction. The Development Manager will be setting up contracts with oWOW Design (Architect) and oWOW Construction (Contractor), as well as non-design related external consultants, and will collaborate with these divisions to successfully design/build the oDECk and Products on every development project. The Development Manager will report to the Development Director.

The Development Manager collaborates with oWOW Design (a dedicated Architect and team), oWOW Construction (A dedicated preconstruction and construction management team), and all external consultants by managing interaction with city agencies, communities, politicians and doing risk analysis, value analysis and relieving internal / external blockers. Additionally, there are some responsibilities where sufficient architecture / construction knowledge is needed in order to make the right decisions and speak the language of the different industries needed to effectively navigate projects in the interest of the project schedule, budget, and pro forma. The Development Manager should identify risks, problems, and priorities that need solving.

The Development Manager is responsible as the quarterback of the project they are assigned to create and achieve the budget, schedule, and successfully complete the entitlements, permitting, and construction of all projects as laid out in the business plan.

About oWOW:

Our mission, as a company, is to redefine housing by vertically-integrating the development and design/build Industries into one team with the goal of building housing that people love at prices that they can afford. oWOW is made up of oWOW Development, oWOW Design, oWOW Construction, oWOW Technologies, and oWOW Now.

In order to succeed with our mission we must act and execute our work in new and innovative ways. This starts with establishing a great team of people, all aligned on the same mission, who are passionate and open to re-thinking the way we build housing.

Our core products include a standard system of apartments (O-1, a studio that can become an urban 1-bedroom, an O-2, a 1-bedroom unit that has the ability to add a bedroom or office, and an O-3, a unit that has the ability to transform from 1 to 4 bedrooms). These are highly efficient, flexible apartments that are designed to give people all the features that they love in their apartment home at the most affordable prices in the market. We combine these products together with a modular Structural System and a modular Window Wall system (oWALL). Only by utilizing a repeatable system, with standardized products and components, is it possible to significantly reduce time frames and costs for Design, Engineering, Materials procurement, Supply Chain management and Construction and ultimlately reduce costs for future tenants.

About oWOW Development:

oWOW Development is a division within the oWOW company. oWOW Development is responsible for managing all project developments through initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, and closure of projects, as well as leading oWOW Design and oWOW Construction, other divisions within the oWOW company, to implement the oDECK and MacroUnit products successfully on all project sites.


  • Medical, dental & vision
  • Paid time off & sick leave
  • Free lunch! Mon-Thurs.
  • 401k
  • Promote Shares in Project Promote Pool.


  • Successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, and closure of projects.
    • Coordinate and execute on multiple high-quality, high-profile, developments, simultaneously, collaborating with internal and external teams. Up to 4 projects managed per Development Manager.
      • Attend OAC’s (Owner + Architect + Contractor + external team Meetings) for each managed project on 1 or 2 week intervals, depending on the phase of the project.

      • Provide feedback to Agenda and Notes. Ensure action items are tracked and completed on a weekly basis.

      • Identify action items, as the quarterback of each project, with clear direct, timelines, and expectations to internal and external team members in order to meet schedules and budgets for every project.

      • Proactively and continuously identify and resolve project risks, in relation to the project budget or schedule, or issues with each project team, including oWOW Design, oWOW Construction, oWOW Development, and external teams.

      • Ability to manage diverse teams with diverse skill-sets, resolve conflicts, and produce solutions to keep teams moving on budget and on schedule.

      • Ability to review and mark-up project plans, specifications, contracts, both construction and design, scopes, bids, RFI’s, Submittals, and change orders.

    • Coordinate and execute on implementing all products across development sites.
      • Collaborate with oWOW Design, oWOW Construction and external and internal teams to successfully produce site design and site strategies to best implement oWOW products on all sites.

      • Participate in oWOW R&D discussions to help guide design decisions to best meet AHJ codes, rules, ordinances, and development-related constraints.

      • Provide a lean and affordable mindset in all design development-related decisions.

    • Create, execute, and manage the project pro forma, schedule, and budgets.
      • Create Project Budgets and Schedules

      • Manage Project Pro Forma

      • Manage, update, and report variances to each development’s pro forma model on a weekly basis.

      • Preparing, reviewing and signing contracts, including interdepartmental contracts with oWOW Design and oWOW Construction, consultants, etc.

      • Continuously perform risk analyses and value analyses in all decisions that are based on changes to the drawings and specifications, budget, schedule or pro forma, and shall prepare for approval from their direct manager.

  • Ensure that there is a signoff on the proforma, schedule, budget variances prior to any design/project milestones being signed off, or changes to the design and construction of the project.

  • Achieve the budget, schedule, and successfully complete the entitlements, permitting, and construction of all projects as laid out in the business plan.

  • Provide support with city agencies, communities, politicians throughout the development process.
    • Navigate through political, community, and City engagement during the project.

    • Identify, solve, and execute on mitigating external blockers that cause an impact to project budget or schedule (ie, Environmental, PG&E, EBMUD, etc).

    • Relieve all blockers including but not limited to AMMRs, violations, complaints, permits, etc throughout the lifetime of the project.

    • Attend functions, dinners, meetings, and other related items, needed to solve external blockers.

  • Monthly Investor and Company reporting
    • Prepare monthly investor and company reports, of all projects within purview, which provides a summary including a budget report, schedule report, risk analysis, and value analysis.

  • Efficiently communicating and managing projects with clear direction and protocols.
    • Help the Development director in creating the development division and company-wide protocols and procedures.

    • Implementing completed protocols continuously throughout development processes.



  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in an industry related to Construction, Architecture, Engineering or Real Estate.

  • Minimum 5 years experience in an industry related to Construction, Architecture, Engineering or Real Estate.

  • General knowledge of acquisition, entitlements and permitting, architecture, and construction.

  • Knowledge and experience working with federal, state, and local codes, ADA, zoning, and other applicable laws.

  • Good decision-making skills and a highly resourceful and creative problem solver.

  • Excellent organizational skills, including but not limited to writing effective and clear emails, with clear titles, context, and follow-up, google drive folder organization with clear file naming and locations, calendar invites, agendas with notes and action items for all internal and external team members.

  • Experience with political engagement, including having conversations with council members and local committees.

  • Experience with community engagement, including hosting and running community meetings, meeting with local stakeholders, and putting together community benefits agreements.

  • Ability to build, run, and manage a project budget, schedule, and have general understanding of managing a financial pro forma.

  • Ability to manage internal and external team members.

  • Familiarity with the following programs: Google-based platforms, Microsoft Projects, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Bluebeam, Asana and Instagantt. Highly preferred familiarity of Adobe Create Suites and Sketchup.

  • Encouraged familiarity with architectural and design programs including but not limited to: Adobe Creative Suites, Revit, Navisworks, Vectorworks, AutoCAD, Rhino, Sketchup.

  • At least 3 of the following five skills: Entitlements expertise, expediting, financial / Analyst modelling for real estate, construction/architectural/structural background, managing external/internal teams to hit realistically aggressive deadlines.


  • Convey Urgency in everything that you do to both executive team, direct reports, development division, and internal/external team members

  • Adaptability - Ability to change direction and be adaptable to changes and have the ability to mitigate budget and schedule changes.

  • Resiliency - Ability to fail and bounce back to learn and improve until there is success.

  • Pro Forma, Budget, and Schedule - Ability to perform the following:

  • A Pro Forma/Financial Model (Can Manage)

  • A Budget (Can create and manage)

  • A Schedule (Can create and manage)

  • Risk and Value Analysis - Ability to perform the following:
    • A Risk Analysis

    • A Value Analysis

    • And the ability to make decisions based on both Risk and Value analysis.

    • Ability to make decisions tied directly to financial models and create effective memos with concise reasoning on decisions tied into financial numbers.

  • Processes and Procedures - Ability to understand and manage the following tasks:
    • Strong understanding of company policies and procedures. I

    • Internal and external team member communication

    • Maintain Project Pro Forma in Excel

    • Maintain Project Budget in Excel and Procore

    • Maintain Project Schedule in MS Project

  • Communicating and enforcing policies - Be able to communicate and verify understanding of our protocols and procedures to relevant team members, and make sure they follow them.

  • Time Management - Ability to ensure timely execution day to day responsibilities.

  • Teamwork - Be a strong team player, communicate effectively and build synergy within the team.

  • Software - Proficiency in the following MS Office Suite, Google G Suite, Procore, Instagantt, Asana,MS Project and Bluebeam. Encouraged understanding of Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Vectorworks and Adobe Creative Suite.

  • Codes - Have a basic understanding of all federal and state codes and local building ordinances and regulations.

  • Presentation: Ability to create and make a high level and sophisticated presentation to investors and banks.

  • Able to represent company at professional and political events

  • Establish relationships with appropriate AHJ, communicate effectively, and resolve issues fast or raise a red flag for additional help from the team.

  • Time is of the essence: Understands and is able to communicate to all other teams and external partners/consultants/AHJ the need to move urgently.

  • At least two-three of the following five skills: Entitlements expertise, financial modeling, expediting, construction/architectural/structural background, managing external/internal teams to hit realistically aggressive deadlines.